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Workflows and integrations FAQ
Workflows and integrations FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions involving Workflow & Integrations

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What is a Workflow?

A Workflow is an automation used to process your collected data using a third-party app.

How do I connect my third-party application to GoFormz?

Why are all application updates tied to my username?

Please note that whoever makes the connection of the application will be tied to the integration activity. For example, on the Upload File step, it will show the person who connected the app as the uploader of the file. We recommend creating a 'GoFormz Integration' account for your connected app account, if you don't want the activity tied to your personal account.

What is causing my Workflow to fail?

Common reasons that may cause your workflow to fail:

  • Spelling: Typically this is seen with a field name being misspelled. This can either be the GoFormz field name or the 3rd party application field name. We recommend copying and pasting to avoid this issue.

  • Case Sensitivity: Some of the applications that we integrate with are case sensitive. Please ensure when referencing field names that the correct input of uppercase and lowercase letters are being used. We recommend copying and pasting to avoid this issue.

  • Extra spaces: We recommend copying & pasting field names from your third-party application. It is common to see failures when an extra space is not copied over, but used in the third-party application.

  • Special Characters: Double quotes, *, -, when referenced in file path will cause a workflow failure. These special characters are not accepted.

  • Authentication Error: Reconnecting your application is needed when there are any password changes associated with this third-party account or if the refresh token with your third-party account expires. Click here for more details on how to reconnect a connection. This error message will appear as App Instance: ____ is not authenticated.

  • Active workflow: Double check that your workflow is marked as active.

  • Template Versioning: Make sure to update any references to template form fields in your workflow. If you have a new template version, the workflow will fail if field names are not consistent.

  • Index error: An index error will be caused if you are creating a form when using a third-party application and the username to create that form is not a username within your GoFormz account.

  • App Sync Error Message: If you see an App Sync Error message when troubleshooting your workflow, please reach out to support for additional assistance.

How does GoFormz move information between GoFormz and third-party integrations?

To ensure that your data is always secure, any data pulled from third-party integrations utilizes access granted to GoFormz via the OAuth connection. All data is encrypted - both at rest, and during transmission between systems.

Data is saved to GoFormz's internal data stores during each step of the Workflow to allow us to facilitate the flow of user data. GoFormz coordinates data between connections when required for the user-designated Workflow setup.

When multiple providers are required, each GoFormz will never connect to providers to one another, or share your credentials between providers. Instead, each provider is communicated with separately using the user-provided credentials.

How can I reference a Template table in my Workflow?

Referencing a Template table is not currently a self-service action.

To reference a Template table in your Workflow, you'll need to contact Pro Services. They'll set up and train you on the required action.

What is causing my Workflow to have a formatting error?

  • Using a Date Field in your file pathway: Ensure if you are using a date field in your file pathway that it does not use forward slashes '/'. The forward slash is used to indicate a new folder. For example if your file path is "Client Name 4/30/21", the following folders will be created: Client Name 4, 30, 21.

  • Duplicated Folders: Folders get created in third-party apps based on the GoFormz connection used. Some third-party apps will only look for folders created by the owner of the GoFormz connection. This means that if a folder is shared with you by Jane, but the GoFormz connection to the application is tied to your account, a new folder will be created. If Jane owns the folder and the GoFormz Connection, no duplicate folder will be created.

Why are zeroes displaying when my Form data is transferred?

When the data from a Date data field is sent to your worksheet as part of a Workflow, you may see "00:00:00.000. . ." included along with the date. This may occur when using a Date field to name a folder, during a Form-to-Form transfer, or any other instance where your data transfer includes a Date field.

The example below shows a Date field populating the cell of a worksheet associated with a Workflow.

Screenshot displaying a worksheet with an error in the display of the date formatting.

Fix this by reformatting the Date field in your Workflow.

In the example below we’ll reference the use of a Date field in the Column Mapping section of a worksheet-based Workflow. In this instance you’ll modify the Worksheet Cell Value associated with the Date field. But, associating the included formula to your Date field works the same wherever you encounter this issue.

To fix this issue, navigate to the Workflows tab in the GoFormz web app where you’ll complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Workflow outputting the incorrect format.

  2. Select the action that is sending your Date field data to the output where you’re seeing the error.
    In this example, we'll use the Google Workspace: Add Row to Sheet action.

  3. Locate the Date field within your action.

    Enter the following calculation:

    =TEXT(DateValue([trigger.Field Name]), "mm-dd-yyyy")

    For the “Field Name” portion of this calculation input the field name of your Date field. Make sure you enter it exactly as it appears on your Template.

    Note: Another option for date formatting is “yyyy-mm-dd”. If you prefer this format, replace “mm-dd-yyyy” with your this format in the calculation above.

    In this example, you’ll see the Column Mapping section, where you’ll locate your Date Worksheet Column Name.

    Screenshot displaying the Google Workspace: Add Row to Sheet Workflow action in the Workflow builder of the GoFormz web app.

  4. Click Save.

How does the re-run of a failed Workflow work?

Re-running a workflow will update your current workflow instance and show as a new attempt. Please note that if the form or third-party object that is correlated to your initial workflow is deleted, the re-run workflow will not have it for reference and will fail.

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