Dropbox Connection Overview

Streamline your data collection and routing with the GoFormz-Dropbox connection.

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Dropbox is a cloud-based storage service that connects the user to all their files.

The GoFormz-Dropbox Connection uploads completed Form PDFs, image, and attachments to your Dropbox account.

Manage your Dropbox actions in Workflows.

Upload File

Upload File sends Forms or images submitted by your Form User directly to your existing Dropbox account.

Note: You must setup an Export Form to PDF or Get Form Images action before you can use the Upload File action.

Configure your Connection, Destination Path, and File URL(s) to set up the Upload File action.


Connection is a drop-down menu which lists your available Dropbox connections. Your Dropbox connections determine the options available to you here.

Click Manage Connected Accounts to add a new Dropbox connection. If you add a connection here, you will remain on this page. You will set your connection without interrupting your action configuration.

Destination Path

Your Destination Path determines the Dropbox folder where your received files are delivered.

Note: If your specified Dropbox folder does not already exist, your Destination Path will automatically create a new folder.

Assign Workflow variables as your Destination Path to automatically save completed Forms to a subfolder named according to your specified variables.

Each trigger included in your Destination Path will create a nested subfolder within your GoFormz folder in Dropbox. Consider the following Destination Path:


In this Destination Path:

  • #{trigger.Customer} references the Customer Name Form field.

  • #{trigger.formName} references the Completed Form Name Form field.

Find the Completed Forms related to this Destination Path in nested folders in your GoFormz Dropbox folder. The nested folders will match the Customer and Completed Form Name.


Stevie's Construction (Customer Name) completes an Inspection Form (Completed Form Name).

In your GoFormz folder, you will find a subfolder labeled Stevie's Construction. In this subfolder, you will find another subfolder labeled Inspection Forms.

File URL(s)

Your File URL references the associated action steps and your output.

When using a recipe, your File URL is automatically defined. When building your own Workflow, you will select the File URL(s) using the File URL drop-down menu.

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