Template Events overview

Set up Template-based automations that trigger when users complete designated actions with Template Events.

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With your Template built you can use Template Events to automate the transfer, email, or tagging of all Forms created from a selected Template.

Add these automations to your Template in the Templates tab of the GoFormz web app. Access the Actions menu and click Template Events to navigate to the Template Events page.

Screenshot displaying the location of the Template Events option in the Templates Actions menu on the Template page of the GoFormz web app.

On the Template Events page you’ll create and manage your Template Events. Configure your Template Events by determining when you want your Template Event to happen, and what you want it to do - these details are referred to as your Template Event’s trigger and action.

The availability of trigger and action options depends on your account tier. For Team-tier accounts, triggers are limited to anyone, and actions are limited to email. Specific user and Group triggers, and tag and transfer actions require an Advanced-tier account.

Template Event triggers and actions

A Template Event is made up of a trigger and an action. On the Template Events page you’ll establish your trigger in the When this happens section, and your action in the Do the following section.

Trigger or “When this Happens

When using Template Events, a trigger refers to when a chosen user completes a chosen event. Establish your trigger by configuring your trigger’s associated users and trigger event.

Available Template Event user configurations include anyone, a specific user, or a specific Group.

  • Anyone indicates that this Template Event should initiate whenever anybody completes your chosen action for the corresponding Template.

  • Choose a specific user to initiate a Template Event whenever that user completes your chosen trigger event.

  • Specify a Group if you want your event to initiate whenever a user from your chosen Group completes your specified trigger event.

Screenshot displaying the Template Events user selection menu for trigger configuration in the GoFormz web app.

Template Events have three possible trigger events:

  • Form completion, which occurs when a Form User completes a Form using the associated Template.

  • When a user receives a Form transfer.

  • A Public Form submission occurs for a Form of which the trigger’s selected users are owners.

Screenshot displaying the Template Events action selection menu for trigger configuration in the GoFormz web app.

Your Template Event’s trigger details determine when your Template Event happens. You’ll also determine what happens when your Template Event initiates by configuring your Action details.

Actions or “Do the Following

For a Template Event your action is what happens as a result of your selected trigger users complete your trigger event.

Screenshot displaying the Template Events Do the Following menu in the GoFormz web app.

Your available Template Event actions include the email, transfer, or tagging of the Forms created from your selected Template.

Automatically email a Form when your Template Event is initiated. This Template Event action is often used to send work orders, or inform an employee that a Form has been assigned to them.

Transfer Forms to somebody else. Form transfers are often used to facilitate an approval process.

Assign Form tags to organize your Forms upon receipt. With Form tags you can sort your received Forms by Template, customer, team member, order or incident type, or any other classification that’s useful to you.

Note: The Transfer and Tag Forms actions are only available to Advanced and Enterprise accounts.

Establish as many Template Events as you need to automate your processes. You can always add more Template Events to your Template.

If you find yourself manually entering the same data in different places, Template Events and Workflows can likely help you save time.

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