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Templates act as your data collection blueprint in GoFormz.

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Templates are the primary data-gathering documents created within your GoFormz account. Build Templates from scratch or based on your existing documents.

The difference between Templates and Forms varies based on your role in the data collection process. If you want to facilitate data collection, then you’ll build a Template. If you want to provide data, then you’ll complete a Form.

Build Templates in the Template Editor within the GoFormz web app.

Using Templates

Templates act as your data collection blueprint. The data fields included when building a Template determine the data sent when a Form User completes a Form.

When a Form User submits a Form, the corresponding data is processed however you decide.

Choose from data processing automations like Template Events and Workflows to move data between GoFormz and your business systems in real-time. You can also use processes like PDF Export and Reports to manage your data.

Leverage your Template data fields as Workflow variables to add value to your data processing.

Build Templates in the Template Editor.

Building Templates

Access the Template Editor when you click Create in the Templates tab of the GoFormz web app.

Screenshot displaying a List View Template in the Template Editor of the GoFormz web app.

Templates offer two available layouts: Form view and List view.

Form view

Build a Template guided by an existing JPEG or PDF document with Form view.

Form view provides your Form Users with the familiar look of your existing documents.

When you build a Template using Form view, you will upload your document to GoFormz. Next, you select map the appropriate data fields to collect data from your Form Users. Mapping refers to placing data fields on your document’s existing fields to collect the corresponding information.

When building your Template, click List to modify the List view version of your current Template.

List view

Provide a mobile-optimized Form experience for your Form Users with List View.

Screenshot displaying List View in the Template Editor of the GoFormz web app.

Use List view when you need to collect data, but don’t have an existing document.

When building a Template, you have the option to build a List view from a Form view Template when you click Auto Build. This feature automatically duplicates the data fields from your Form view into your List view.

Form Users create and complete Forms based on the Templates made available to them.

Completing Forms

As a Form User, you view your available Templates when logged in to your GoFormz user profile. An Account Admin determines a Form Users Template access.

A Form User selects a Template for use in creating and completing a Form. When creating a new Form in GoFormz, Form Users will encounter a process where they “Select a Form Template.

Screenshot displaying the “Select a Form Template” menu in the GoFormz web app.

View and manage your Templates in the Templates tab of the GoFormz web app.

Navigating the Templates tab

When you access Templates, the landing page displays your available Templates, Template folders, and access to your available Template actions.

Screenshot displaying the landing page of the Templates tab in the GoFormz web app.

Templates and Template folders are listed in the table on the center of the page. Each row in the table indicates either a Template or a Template folder. Each item also displays the Current Version and the Last Updated Date.

Use Template folders to organize your organization's Templates. Click New Folder to create the folders you need.

Template folders also work with User Group permissions to assign Template access restrictions.

Click the ellipses (. . .) at the end of a row to view the Actions menu for the corresponding Template or folder. Individual Templates and Template folders offer different available actions.

Actions for individual Templates include Edit, Template Events, Template History, Duplicate, View Forms, and Delete.

Template folder actions include Edit and Delete.

Note: View additional details about the available Template and Template folder actions here.

Build a new Template by clicking Create. This opens the Template Editor.

If you need to edit an existing Template, click the Template’s name in the table. When you edit existing Templates, GoFormz saves new versions of your Template.

Use the Search Bar to locate a Template by name.

Note: If you access the Search Bar while viewing a folder’s contents, then your search will only apply to the corresponding folder’s contents. To search all Templates, verify that you submit your search on the Templates landing page.

The Templates tab provides access to Template building and management.

Managing your Templates

As your collection grows you can organize, delete, and modify your Templates to better meet your needs.

Screenshot displaying the Actions menu for an individual Template in the Templates tab of the GoFormz web app.

When viewing the Templates tab in the GoFormz web app, the Actions menu provides the necessary options to manage your Templates using Individual and Bulk actions.

Individual actions

Click New Form to create a new Form as a Form User based on a selected Template.

Public Form guides you through the creation of a Public Form using the corresponding Template.

Edit opens the corresponding Template in the Template Editor where you can apply the necessary changes. Click on a Template folder row to change the folder’s name.

Template Events navigates to a list containing the events currently connected to your Template.

Template History displays a record of each version created for the selected Template.

Duplicate creates a copy of the selected Template.

Note: GoFormz requires that you provide a unique name for each Template you create in GoFormz.

View Forms opens a list of all the Forms your Form Users created using your selected Template.

Click Delete to remove a Template or Template folder from your GoFormz account.

Note: If you want to delete a Template, you must first delete all Forms created from that Template.

Deleting a Template folder does not delete the Templates contained in the folder.

Bulk actions

When you select multiple Templates, a Bulk Actions menu appears.

Screenshot displaying the Templates tab with the Bulk Actions menu visible in the GoFormz web app.

Bulk Actions can only be performed on Templates, not Template folders.

The Bulk Actions menu offers the options to Delete or Move multiple Templates at once.

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