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The GoFormz-Box connection enables you to automatically upload form or images to your designated Box account along with metadata.

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Box provides cloud-based content management, collaboration, and file sharing tools for businesses.

The GoFormz-Box connection enables you to automatically upload images or PDF versions of your Forms to your Box account. With this connection you can also map Form fields to a file using Template metadata.

This connection makes all your completed Forms organized and immediately accessible. Consider the potential convenience and time saved when your customer invoices are available for review anywhere, anytime.

Create a Box connection to start leveraging these features. Once connected you can configure your actions. Your available actions include Upload File and Add Template Metadata.

Upload File

After you create a Box connection you can establish the Upload File action.

Upload File is an action which sends Forms or images submitted by your Form User directly to your designated Box account.

Upload File requires that you configure your Connection, Destination Path, and File(s) to establish your action.


Connection is a drop-down menu which lists your available Box connections. Your Box connections determine the options available to you here.

Destination Path

Your Destination Path determines the Box folder where your received files are delivered.

You can assign Workflow variables as your Destination Path. When you do so, your completed form will save to a subfolder based on your designated variables.

Each trigger within your Destination Path will create a nested subfolder within your GoFormz folder in Box. Consider the following Destination Path:


In this Destination Path:

  • #{trigger.Customer} references the Customer Name Form field.

When a Form related to this Destination Path is completed, you will find nested folders in your GoFormz folder matching each Customer.


Stevie's Construction (Customer Name) completes an Inspection Form (Completed Form Name).

In your GoFormz folder, you will find a subfolder labeled Stevie's Construction. In this subfolder, you will find another subfolder labeled Inspection Forms.


Your File(s) reference the associated action steps and your output.

If you include multiple file actions, then you will see multiple File URL's. These file's will be separated by the '|' character, which is called a 'vertical bar' or 'pipe.'

When using a recipe, your File URL is automatically defined. When building your own Workflow, you will select the File URL(s) using the File URL dropdown menu.

The Upload File action is a useful way to send images or Forms to your Box account. Consider implementing the Add Template Metadata action, too, to use your Box connection to further leverage your collected data.

After you create your connection, consider utilizing GoFormz's Box Upload File recipe or building out a Custom Workflow.

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