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Q: What is a Template and how do I create one?

Templates are the GoFormz version of your existing forms which allow you to capture data in your account and can be reused an unlimited number of times. Templates can be created using a Form View that is started by uploading your existing document, either paper or electronic, or from scratch using a versatile List View that stacks form fields. Simply choose a view and add a variety of field types to capture data the way you want to. To create a Template you use the Template editor found in your web account at app.goformz.com.

Q: What type and size of file can I upload as a Template?

GoFormz templates can be uploaded as either a PDF or JPEG and can be no larger than 5 MB.

Q: How do I access my Templates from a mobile device?

Login to the GoFormz mobile app from your device and either select the Templates tab at the top of the screen or choose from the Recent Template list found at the bottom.

Q: I’ve created a new Template in my account, how do I make sure it’s available from my mobile device?

As long as your device has a solid data connection and the app is either open or running in the background, Published templates will automatically synchronize between your web account and your mobile devices. However, with any new templates added, the background will need to be downloaded to the device before Form View can be used. This download is done by simply tapping on the template. Once downloaded, the background will remain on the device and be available both on and offline until the user logs out of their GoFormz account. Once logged out, all backgrounds will need to be re-downloaded to be available.

Q: How do I remove a field once it has been added to my template?

To remove a field from your List or Form View simply select the field and press delete on your keyboard. Note that a field can exist on either List View or Form View without needing to exist on the other. Similarly, a field can be removed from both views but still be a part of your form. This instance is often used for fields that do not need to have input added by the user but do need to run a calculation based on the inputs of other fields.

To delete a field on your template (remove it completely from your template), locate the field in the Template Fields section of the Template Editor and press Delete on your keyboard after selecting the desired field.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of templates I can have in my account?

Basic users are limited to one template at a time in an account. For all other subscription types, there is no limit.

Q: Can I grant or deny access to a template for specific users in my account?

Yes, GoFormz provides the ability to control access to specific resources in your account. For more information please read Users, Groups, and Permissions found under the Account Management topic.

Q: Can I format date/time fields for my location and preference?

Yes, GoFormz can be customized to match the date/time format used in your country or region. If you would like to make a change to your account please submit a support request and we will be happy to assist you.

Q: What’s the difference between Form View and List View?

GoFormz provides two options when viewing forms: Form View and List View. Form View is what you might expect - it looks just like your form but also includes any specific fields you have added to enable capturing data. List View is an organized list of those exact same fields (or the fields you choose from Form View) but presented using sections and tabs for enhanced navigation. While both views work on all GoFormz mobile apps (Android, iOS, and Windows) and the GoFormz Web App. You can switch between them at any time, Form View is typically preferred on a tablet or desktop where there is more room to view an entire form and List View is used on a smartphone where screens sizes tend to be smaller and a list may be easier to navigate. And remember that any data captured, no matter in which view, will always show in the appropriate location on your form.

Q: How do I configure List View?

List View is configured specifically per Form Template and is done via the Template editor in the management console. For more information see Building your List View.

Q: What are Replicated Fields and how do I use them?

Replicated Fields are used when you need the same information to appear in more than one place on your form, but are only required to enter it once. For example, if you have a 5 page template with a place for customer name and address to be entered at the top of each page, using replicated fields would allow that information to be entered once on the first page and populated on each of the remaining 4 pages simultaneously. To add a replicated field, from the template find the field in the ‘This Form Fields’ section and drag it on to your template in the new location. The same field can be replicated as many times as needed within a template.

Q: How do I use ‘Template Events’?

Template Events are used to create automation and workflow within your account when certain actions take place. Based on criteria like a form being completed or transferred, you can create an event so an automated email is sent to a specific address, like a customer for example. Within that email you can also include relevant data from the completed form such as the customer's first name, detail of services performed, or the amount charged. Template Events are extremely flexible and are configured for each template to match your specific process and workflow.

Q: Does saving a draft create a new version?

No. Forms will always maintain the same template version they were created from. For example, let's say Form A was created using Template Version #3. Form A will always use the exact template published in Version #3, even if new versions of the template are published before Form A is completed.

Q: If I publish changes to an existing Template, will that affect forms previously created from that Template?

No. Forms will always maintain the same template version they were created from. For example, let's say Form A was created using Template Version #3. Form A will always use the exact template published in Version #3, even if new versions of the template are published before Form A is completed.

The exception to this is when an Admin manually updates the the Form's Template Version in the Form Editor (see below)

Q: Can a form be updated to use a different Template Version?

Yes, Admins can update a Form to use a different Template Version of the same Template from the Web Form Editor.

Note: Only an admin can update a Form's Template Version and the admin must own the form before they make this update. This action is only be supported on the Web App in the Form Editor

Q: Can I view multiple versions of a Template in the Reporting Tool?

No. The GoFormz Reporting tool will always report on the latest published version of the template. For example, if a field is deleted from the template and a new version is published, the reporting tool will only include the fields that exist on this new version, not the fields that existed in previous versions.

Q: Can I revert to a previous version of a Template?

Yes, template users can view and revert to past versions of their templates in a Read-Only Template Editor on the Web App. To access the Read-Only view of a past Template Version, open the Template History modal and selecting the linked version number you would like to view. In this view of the Template Editor, you can:

  • Review a past template version's form and list views

  • Select fields on the template and view their properties settings

  • Copy calculations or descriptions set in your fields

  • Revert your current published version with this past version using the Revert tool.

Note: In the read-only Template Editor, you cannot edit/add fields or modify the Form or List Views.

Q: What are ‘PDF Export Settings’?

PDF Export Settings provide the ability to select either specific pages, or a range of pages when a form is printed or emailed from GoFormz. For example, let’s say you have a 3 page document with billing, warranty, and sales information each taking 1 page each. Once the form is saved as complete, PDF Export Settings can be used to automatically send each page to 3 different email addresses ensuring the appropriate information is sent to the correct groups or individuals. For more information about PDF Export Settings, please see Setting up PDF Export Settings.

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