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Templates FAQ
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Here you'll find common questions GoFormz users have asked about Templates.

What is a Template, and how do I create one?

Templates are the primary data-gathering documents created within your GoFormz account. Build Templates from scratch or based on your existing documents on the GoFormz web app using the Template Editor.

What type of file can I use to make my Template? Is there a size limit for my file?

Build your Template using your existing PDF. JPEGs (or JPGs) are also acceptable, but less common.

Upload any PDF or JPEG up to 5 MB in size to guide you in building your Template.

Can I access my Template on my phone or tablet?

You can use your Templates to create Forms on a phone or tablet. In the GoFormz mobile app, tap the New or Recent tab and select the Template you want to use to create a new Form.

If you want to manage your Template fields or page elements, you'll need to use the web app.

How do I make sure I can access my account's Template on a phone or tablet?

If your phone or tablet has a solid data connection, and the GoFormz app is either open, or running in the background, then all available published Templates will automatically sync between your web account and mobile devices.

When a new Templates is added, you'll need to download it to your device before you can create Forms using your new Template.

How do I remove a field from my Template?

To remove a field from your Template, select the field within the Template Editor's Field Editor and press Delete on your keyboard.

You'll be asked if you want to permanently delete the field, or leave it as an unmapped field. Click Delete to remove the field entirely.

How many Templates can I have in my account?

If you're on a Basic account tier, you're limited to one Template in your account. All other account tiers can have unlimited Templates in their account.

Basic users are limited to one template at a time in an account. For all other subscription types, there is no limit.

Can I grant or deny users in my account access to specific Templates?

Yes. Determine user-specific Template access with Template folder permissions.

Can I customize my date and time field format?

Yes, GoFormz can be customized to match the date/time format used in your country or region. If you would like to make a change to your account please submit a support request and we'll be happy to assist you.

What’s the difference between a Form View and List View?

Form View provides your Form Users with the familiar framework of your existing document, whereas List View provides your Form Users with a mobile-optimized view.

How do I set up my List View?

Build your list view in the GoFormz web app using the Template Editor.

What are Replicated Fields and how do I use them?

Replicated Fields are used when you need the same information to appear in more than one place on your Form, but are only required to enter it once.

For example, if you have a 5 page Template with a place for customer name and address to be entered at the top of each page, replicated fields would require that information to be entered once on the first page and populated on each of the remaining 4 pages simultaneously.

To add a replicated field, from the Template locate the field in the Template Fields section under Existing. Drag the field on to your Template in the new location. The same field can be replicated as many times as needed within a Template.

How do I use Template Events?

Automate the transfer, email, or tagging of Forms created from a selected Template with Template Events.

Add Template Events to your Template in the Templates tab of the GoFormz web app. Access the Actions menu and click Template Events to navigate to the Template Events page.

Does saving a draft of my Template create a new version of it?

No - saving a draft version of your Template does not create a new Template version.

If I publish changes to an existing Template, will that affect Forms previously created from that Template?

No - Forms maintain the Template version from which they were created.

Can I view multiple versions of a Template in Reports?

No - Reports will always display based on the most recent published version of your Template.

Can I revert to a previous version of a Template?

Yes - if you have the necessary permissions, you can access and revert to previous Template versions.

What are PDF Export Settings?

PDF Export Settings prepare specific pages from your multi-page documents for delivery to different audiences.

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