Box integration overview

Facilitate collaboration using your completed Forms when you leverage the GoFormz-Box integration.

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Many organizations use Box as the enterprise storage and collaboration solution for all their documents — including any completed Forms. The GoFormz-Box integration automates the uploading of your completed Form PDFs to the appropriate folders in your Box account.

🗒️ Note: Access to a Box connection and the corresponding Box Workflows are only available for Team, Advanced, and Enterprise tier accounts.

There are two steps to configuring your Box integration - adding a Box connection, and setting up your Workflows.

Your integration can have multiple connections. You have two options for adding a connection: while setting up your Workflow recipe, or via the Connected Apps page.

If you want to add your connection while setting up your Workflow recipe, you’ll select a recipe in the Workflow Recipes Library. When choosing your action configuration details, click the Connection drop-down menu and select “+ Add Connection”.

If you’d prefer to add a connection without setting up a Workflow recipe, you’ll need to connect your account manually using the Connected Apps page.

Next, you'll set up your Workflow.

Available self-service GoFormz-Box Workflows

With your connection added, you’re ready to set up your GoFormz-Box Workflows. Review the available pre-made recipes below.

Upload PDF versions of your completed Forms to Box automatically with the Box File Upload Workflow recipe.

Add PDF copies of your received Forms - along with Template metadata - to your connected Box account with the Box File and Template Metadata Upload Workflow recipe.

Use the Upload a Scheduled Report to Box Workflow recipe to automatically deliver your scheduled reports to your connected Box account.

With the Upload Submitted Public Form to Box Workflow recipe, you can automatically send your Public Form submissions to your Box account.

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