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Public Form-based automations
Public Form-based automations
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View and manage your received Public Form submissions in the Forms tab of the GoFormz web app. If you'd like to automatically process the Public Form data you receive, consider leveraging GoFormz's Template Event and Workflow automations.

Both Template Events and Workflows offer options for automation beyond Public Forms. Here we'll focus on how they relate to Public Forms.

Template Events

A Template Event is a way to trigger an action based on a Form User completing a Template-associated task.

Possible triggers for a Template Event include completing or transferring a Form, or submitting a Public Form. When a Public Form is submitted, you can initiate actions like emailing, tagging, or transferring your received Public Form.

You'll create and manage Template Events in the Template Editor. Access the Templates tab and select a Template to open the Template Editor. Open the cog menu and click Template Events to navigate to the Template Events page.

Template Events offer solutions focused on Form delivery and management within your GoFormz account. If you’d like to process your data using third-party applications, then consider Workflows.


Move data between GoFormz and your business systems in real-time with Workflows. Workflows offer external, scheduled, and Form or Public Form based triggers. Workflow triggers can also include Workflow variables.

Workflow actions offer a wide variety of options including, but not limited to: exporting a Public Form to PDF, uploading a Public Form to your third-party storage, and sending an email with a PDF copy of a submitted Public Form.

Note: Workflows offer a wide variety of automation opportunity - the available premade Workflow recipes provide an entry point to leveraging Workflows.

When you leverage automations, your received Public Form data will be processed without the need for manual data management.

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