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Workflow Variables overview
Workflow Variables overview

Incorporate incoming Form data into your business processes upon receipt with Workflow Variables.

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Automate your Form data as soon as you receive it with Workflow Variables. Add Workflow Variables when you set up your Workflow.

🗒️ Note: Variable syntax is used in calculations throughout GoFormz, but in this article we’re going to focus on Workflow Variable syntax.

Use variables to move data between GoFormz and your business systems when you connect third-party apps. Form data can also be used to pre-populate fields on other Forms, or transfer Forms between users.

Each variable option displays the output name, syntax, and description. Use the output name and description to better understand each output item. The output syntax is the stylization used when managing variable syntax.

You’ll choose Workflow Variables from each option’s drop-down menu when you’re setting up a Workflow. Your choices here include the available variable outputs from the preceding steps of your Workflow.

Screenshot displaying the open Workflow Variables drop-down menu in the Workflow Recipe Builder of the GoFormz web app.

When you choose a variable from this drop-down menu the field populates with the variable syntax. Variables will also display in each Workflow action’s Step Outputs.

Screenshot displaying a list of Workflow Variables in the Step Output section of the Workflow Recipe Builder of the GoFormz web app.

Your variables can reference any data captured by a Form, including a Form’s data fields or metadata. Form data field variables reference the data sourced from Form data fields. Form Metadata references information about a Form rather than specific data from Form fields.

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