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Filling out a Form
Filling out a Form

Learn just how easy it is to fill out a mobile form in the GoFormz web interface and mobile apps here.

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Filling out forms is what GoFormz is all about! The main place for filling out forms is the mobile app Form Editor, which is optimized for this very purpose. However, GoFormz actually has 3 different ways to fill out a form:

  • Mobile Form Editor: This editor (found in the GoFormz mobile app) is best suited for filling out a form on a mobile device, like a tablet or smartphone. A technician out in the field, for example, will typically use this editor. This editor provides an additional List View of the form, which makes data entry easier.

  • Web Form Editor: This editor (found in the GoFormz web interface) is best suited for filling out forms on a desktop or laptop computer. A dispatcher or supervisor working from an office, for example, will often use this editor.

  • Public Form Editor: This editor is for users outside of your organization. Unlike the other two editors, it does not require a login — it can be accessed via specially generated Public Form URLs.

Filling out a form is quite similar regardless of which editor you use. Just click or tap on a field that you want to edit. Depending on the field, you will either see a cursor prompting you to start typing, or a control prompting you to select or enter data (e.g. a dropdown, date selector, signature field, etc.). See here for more on form fields. All the editors also let you navigate through the form’s pages, and zoom into and out of the form. For additional information on the functionality available in each editor, use the editor links above.
When you are done filling out your form, you can save it, complete it, or transfer it to another user**, depending on what the next step should be. Typically, you will want to:

  • Save the form if you are not done with it and want to come back to it later. Note that in the mobile app forms are saved automatically, but in the Web Form Editor you will need to click Save to save your changes.

  • Complete the form if you feel it requires no further edits, or if form completion triggers an automated workflow.

  • Transfer the form if it requires input from another user.

**Note: The Public Form Editor does not have save or transfer options. Here, you must click Complete to send your form responses back to the GoFormz account administrator.

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