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GoFormz 101 FAQ

Explore this FAQ for answers to the most common questions from new GoFormz users.

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Below you'll find a collection of common questions we've received from GoFormz users, along with their answers.

Can I fill out a Form on my computer?

Yes, Forms can be filled out on a computer.

While GoFormz is a mobile-first solution, it's not a mobile-only solution. You and your Form Users can create, complete, and edit Forms using either the GoFormz Web Editor or mobile app.

Where do I find copies of my completed Forms?

You have two options for accessing your completed Forms: on the GoFormz web, or mobile app.

On the GoFormz web app, access the Forms tab to locate and manage your Forms.

Similarly, you'll access the Forms tab on the GoFormz mobile app to view your Forms. Forms are only stored for 7 days on the mobile app. If you want to view a Form completed more than 7 days ago, you'll need to submit a search query for it.

How much does GoFormz cost?

The price of GoFormz varies based on what you're looking to accomplish with GoFormz. For more details on the different pricing tiers, visit the Pricing page.

How is GoFormz different from similar products?

GoFormz offers you a digital forms platform paired with cohesive operational data management solutions. Guided by digital copies of your existing documents, you can securely collect, manage, and process data.

When you use build a Template in GoFormz using your existing PDF, the people who fill out your Forms will see the same document with which they're familiar - just digital.

Additionally, GoFormz helps you collect better data by providing a way for your users to add images and GPS coordinates. You can also add calculations to your data fields for automatic math calculations or conditional logic.

Once that data is captured, you can use GoFormz reports, automations, and API to streamline your processes. GoFormz automations include integrations with an ever-increasing suite of ubiquitous business software.

What types of data can I report on in my account?

You can create reports for any data you collect.

Can I access the GoFormz mobile app while offline or without a data connection?

Yes. While you'll need internet access to receive account updates and upload Forms, you'll maintain access to all synced account info with or without a data connection.

Where can I download the GoFormz app to my device?

Where can I learn more about the GoFormz mobile app?

On which types of devices can I use the GoFormz mobile app?

The GoFormz mobile app is compatible with:

  • Android - Version 8 or later.

  • iOS - Version 14 or later.

  • Windows - Version 1809 or later.

Which languages does the GoFormz mobile app support?

The GoFormz mobile app currently supports:

  • English

  • Finnish

  • French

  • German

  • Japanese

  • Norwegian

  • Spanish

How many Forms can I store within my GoFormz account?

There is no limit to how many Forms you can store in your GoFormz account. Storage can be increased to accommodate as many Forms as you create.

What information from my account is stored within GoFormz?

Any data you capture with GoFormz is stored securely, and always available for you to access in your GoFormz account.

How do I know my data is safe in GoFormz?

GoFormz is committed to the security and privacy of your data. We take this responsibility seriously, and utilize the best tools and engineering practices to ensure that your data is safe.

GoFormz is powered by Microsoft Azure - an industry leader in cloud storage in security. Your data is encrypted using the latest version of Transport Layer Security (TLS) in and out of the data center.

Strong, industry-standard encryption for your data-at-rest is available. GoFormz also provides SAML 2.0 protocols when you integrate identity management with your account.

How do I sync data from my device to my GoFormz account online?

The data you capture on your mobile device automatically syncs with your online account whenever you're connected to the internet with the app either open, or running in the background.

If necessary, navigate to the Settings tab in the GoFormz mobile app and tap sync to manually sync your device.

How can I keep all devices in my account synced with the most up-to-date account data?

Whenever your mobile devices are connected to the internet with the GoFormz mobile app either open, or running in the background, all Forms and Templates sync automatically between your web account and all related mobile devices.

If you're frequently in areas with no data connection, you should download all necessary Templates to your device. If you find it necessary, you can manually sync your device.

How do I reset my password?

If you forgot your password, click the Forgot your password? link on the log-in page.

If you want to update your password, and you have the required permissions, you can reset your password via the web or mobile app.

On the GoFormz web app navigate to the Users and Groups page and open the Details section. Scroll to the bottom of the page to manage your log-in details.

When using the GoFormz mobile app, open the Settings menu and tap Profile to manage your log-in details.

Do I need to download anything to my computer to use the GoFormz web app?

You'll have full access to GoFormz's web app whenever you have access to the internet and do not need to download or install anything to your computer to use and manage your GoFormz account.

What can I do on the GoFormz web app?

The GoFormz web app is designed to manage your Templates, Users and Groups, Workflows, reports, and account details.

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